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Found in Newcastle on the floor of an old shopping mall.


Ding Dong

wave’s Christmas offering this year is a limited edition Letterpress print, using the traditional printing method with original wood and metal type.

We produced 100 prints, 50 each of two designs, which were then hand inked and printed using a Vandercook C15 Proof Press at Ink Spot Press, which is an open access print studio based in Brighton. Each poster is hand printed on recycled paper, stamped and numbered.

The phrase ‘ding dong’ was chosen as we felt it wasn’t overtly ‘Christmassy’ and the print could be displayed all year round.

Some of us associated it with ‘Ding Dong the witch is dead’ while the older ones among us immediately thought of the seductive Leslie Phillips’ catch phrase ‘I say, Ding Dong’. Feel free to let us know if you think of any more!

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wave letterpress ink

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