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Did you know… we did the website! International Year of Co-operatives

official website of the ica for the united nations international year of cooperatives


You’ve probably already seen it (its already been up half a year!), but did you know that wave designed and managed this prestigious site?

Working with the Nicola Kelly and the team at ICA Geneva, the site celebrates the United Nations International Year of the Co-operative (IYC) by establishing a contemporary online presence, ready to reach massive new audiences with the co-op message.

Working with GreenNet developers, we planned, designed and built the site using the Drupal open-source content management system. It delivers all the functionality expected on a site which needs to present clear messages and integrate across a network of social mediums. Collaboration has given the site real substance, firstly, hosting the News Hub content which for the first time syndicated international co-operative news. Secondly, everyday of the International Year brings a full case study of a co-operative from in Italy.

This month saw the first edition of the new redesigned multilingual eDigest newsletter enabling ICA to easily use the site to both compose and send to their massive contacts database. The site has attracted on average over twelve thousand unique visitors a month from every part of the world, using every level of technology and connection speed.



Co-operate – download a better world with new mobile app

icon for co-operative app

Everyone supportive of co-operative and ethical business is being urged to download ‘Co-operate’, the UK’s first mobile app to make it easy to find a co-operative for all your needs.

With online stores and over 11,000 co-operative outlets, you can move your money to a better business wherever you are in the UK.

You can download the app on Android, iPhone and iPad from


Money laundering made easy. We like to help.

On behalf of Global Witness we are very pleased to have produced this Step-by-step guide on how to use companies to: hide your identity; hide stolen assets; fund terrorism and evade taxes.

Neither the Idiot’s Guides nor the Guides for Dummies have endorsed this product. Our design mimics theirs because we are aiming to produce an easy-to-read, clear guide to a complex topic, exactly as they do.


We’re hiring – experienced php developer

Wave is a design co-operative based in Hastings, on the South Coast of England.

Our web team plans, designs, builds and maintains websites using Drupal and WordPress, and currently consists of front end designers who dip into the developer’s world, with more extensive development work contracted-in as needed.

We are looking for an experienced php/Drupal/WordPress developer who is keen to get involved in all stages of a project from initial planning onwards, so that we can provide a more complete, joined up, bulletproof, quality in-house web service.

We specialise in working with charities, public sector organisations, co-operatives, social enterprises and other people we like.

Download job spec .pdf




  • Proven experience building and maintaining Drupal websites
  • Up-to-date knowledge of all relevant technologies


  • Proven experience in building and maintaining WordPress websites
  • Experience in building responsive websites for mobile devices
  • Experience in application design for iOS/Android
  • Experience in other aspects of website planning, design and development

The role

  • Work with designers to produce tender documents
  • Attend pitches and client meetings
  • Collaborate with designers to plan, wireframe and prototype websites
  • Install, configure and customise Drupal/WordPress
  • Collaborate with designers to ensure clean, up to date semantic code and markup
  • Collaborate with designers to thoroughly test, debug and validate websites
  • Collaborate with designers to provide CMS training and documentation to clients
  • Provide ongoing maintenance for Drupal/WordPress sites
  • Provide confident and friendly phone support to clients
  • Develop wave’s ongoing support and maintenance setup/service
  • Develop wave’s web services offer
  • Complement the skills of the existing web team

Why work for wave?

  • Work on projects that make a positive difference in the world
  • Don’t work on evil stuff
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to have your say in running a company
  • Friendly people
  • Co-operative and ethical work environment
  • Pension contributions
  • 4 day working week
  • Permanent position
  • 1 minute from the beach
  • £18,200 gross
  • 20 days annual leave + bank holidays

To apply, please:

  • Describe yourself in one sentence, and in no more than one paragraph tell us why you want the job (also attach your CV!)
  • Link to something you’ve worked on on the web, and tell us what your role was
  • Send us links to three interesting things you have recently seen online
  • Tell us the names of three people or organisations who have something interesting to say about creating great online experiences

Email this to:

closing date 6 July 2012


Kick-off with a wavefuteo Euro 2012 wallchart

Wavefuteo Euro 2012 wallchart, free, download, designer wallchart, co-operative


It’s kick-off time for the Euro 2012 footy tournament so if you haven’t picked your teams or are lacking in the wallchart department, look no further. You can download all you need right here. For free.

Of course we’re busy, but the annual sweepstake in the wave studio gets everyone a-quiver and a newspaper pullout chart just doesn’t match with the occasion.

Download your own fab A3 colour chart and figures that dates all the fixtures and helps track the progress of your winning team.

Best of luck and may football (and love) be the winner!