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Healthy visits new website

‘…95.1% of nurses owned a smartphone, while 64.7% owned a tablet device. Also, 53.2% of nurses found their smartphone to be ‘very useful’ or ‘useful’ in helping them to perform their clinical duties, while 67.1% of nurses owning medical apps were using these as part of their clinical practice.’
MJ Innovations, published on October 9, 2015 /


Discovering Awards


Another stamp of approval for a website we designed. Well done to RGS and GCT. The Geographical Association highly commended it for being engaging, stunning with attractive and accessible resources. What do you think?


new year, new office


You are very welcome to visit us anytime

49 – 51 Rock House, Cambridge Road, Hastings TN36 1TD

Take a look at the building’s own website.


Fuse ignites

fuse events - the social enterprise event specialists

We have been working with Fuse, an events management organisation with a difference. This very experienced team have come together to make a professional and progressive event company that attracts like minded ‘change agents’ to connect and act for positive change. And its already happening. Best of luck!



WaterAid’s gift tag for 2012 Q awards

Q awards, WaterAid , vintage-looking luggage labels

We didn’t get to walk up the red carpet at the Q awards last week but we designed the tags tied to the items being auctioned – commissioned by WaterAid who wanted vintage-looking luggage labels. Congratulations to all the winners!


Badger Cull Campaign Success

logo of a badger face - proposed pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire a local anti-cull campaign group -

In response to the proposed pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire a local anti-cull campaign group asked wave to produce an identity for its campaign and a symbol for a scheme that tourist businesses can sign up to that shows they will not allow the culling of badgers on their land.

The logo of a badger face is comprised of a pair of exclamation marks within a protective frame.

The campaign has gained great momentum is such a short period of time and local councils are starting to vote against the cull.

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