Bromley College Prospectus cover

Bromley College

Prospectus entry 2010/11

Bromley College wanted to build on the success of the last prospectus (designed by wave) and develop its visual look and tone. The prospectus is aimed at all age ranges, 16-18 year-olds just leaving school as well as older students, post A level or those returning to study. It also needed to appeal to the parents of school leavers and careers advisers. We are currently working on the 2011/12 prospectus.

“The prospectus has been very favourably received by the general public, staff and students. We have had many positive comments about the design of the prospectus and feel it gives a very strong image of the college. It surpassed the brief and our expectations.”

Oliver Campayne, Marketing and Communications Manager

Bromley College Prospectus spread
Bromley College Prospectus spread