Ramblers assorted campaign logos

Ramblers campaign branding

To help raise awareness of the Ramblers campaigning activities, we were asked to come up with names and straplines for three of their current campaigns as well as a visual marque for each. The identities had to link together visually, be flexible enough to accommodate future campaigns and fit within the Ramblers branding. After a thorough exploration of possibilities with the Campaigns team the final choices were created in both linear and circular formats to allow options in their usage.

We work on a wide variety of materials including advertising, magazines and displays for the Ramblers. We believe that intelligent branding doesn't have to stifle creativity but provides a framework within which we can produce exciting and cohesive work. And with the imagination to take the brand to new and unexpected levels, we can ensure both successful and continually stimulating projects.

Ramblers balloon logo

Ramblers 75th Anniversary

For The Ramblers 75th Anniversary we created a balloon version of their logo which was applied to their materials during their anniversary year.

wave has always been reliable, thorough, sensitive and above all, creative, in all the projects we've asked of them to cover for us over past ten years. We wouldn't still be using them if they weren't. Third sector organisations are notoriously time-poor with scarce resources, and wave has always been on-hand to provide much needed, and cost-efficient, support at pressured times.”

Dan French, Publications Manager

Ramblers publications
Ramblers publications
Ramblers publications