We’re 30 – celebrate with us!


There’s no beating around the bush with this. We are 30 years old and proud. Woohoo! We know this is all thanks to you, our clients, and to the past and present crew of wavers.


In our 30 years we have:

  • created posters for saving the whale
  • inflated co-operative bananas
  • marched for refugees
  • come this close to winning a BAFTA
  • felt utter sadness when working on campaigns that cut through the heart
  • felt the glow of happiness knowing that our client’s projects really do change lives.

And that is just a wincey splattering of events. One thing that hasn’t changed in our 30 years is that we have remained as passionate as we were 30 years ago in wanting to only work with people that make the world a better place. And this is something we have been fortunate enough to be able to do.


wave in Paris
Is it wave on an outing, or an upcoming episode of Twin Peaks?

So, we want to thank you from the bottom of our co-operative hearts.

Any project you ask wave to quote on from now until the end of the year will show a 30% reduction in our studio fees.

This applies to any of your lovely jobs from any of our lovely clients, old, new or current. You can also refer a friend even if we haven’t worked with them before. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours. Here’s the one piece of small print: it only applies to studio costs and not print or digital production.

So thank you again from the wave team. We look forward to hearing from you.