Designer recipe for Infinity Foods


Ingredients: cooperative, organic, vegetarian, environmental, local, fair trade

Time to prepare: 3-5 months

In the somewhat unlikely but utterly befitting location of a countryside campsite on the outskirts of the Peak District, a beautiful relationship was born. It was at the Worker Co-ops Weekend in 2016 that I met the lovely folk from Infinity Foods, and we struck up a partnership to create a feature wall for their bustling shop in the heart of Brighton and the North Laine community.

Infinity flickchat 1

They wanted the wall to be an illustrative infographic depicting the six principles on which this super successful and ethically inspiring business is run. It was my job to come up with a way to do that by designing something that would be engaging and informative – and in keeping with Infinity’s brand and unique style.

Infinity flickchat 2

I quickly came up with the premise of an Infinity recipe, and I began work on the look and feel. The design developed along the way, drawing heavily on the fresh, quirky style of Infinity’s beautiful ‘Eat a Rainbow’ window displays.

Infinity flickchat 3

Once we had established the fonts and the overall style, I was able to work on developing the final design. After a few rounds of feedback and some last minute tweaks to carrot tops and mushroom gills, the final artwork was ready!


And so it came the time to install the final artwork in the shop – a somewhat nerve-wracking but exhilarating evening! We opted for a full-wall matt laminated vinyl with a background colour to match the paintwork of the shop walls.


Everyone involved in the project is very pleased with how things turned out, the attention to detail we spent on the job and the collaborative and friendly experience we had along the way. If you fancy checking out the work in person while sampling a scrumptious, healthy snack, you can see it in the Infinity Foods shop at 25 North Road, Brighton BN1 1YA


We hope you love it as much as we do, and agree that it communicates the recipe for our beloved business!

Infinity Foods