Don’t get harvested!


As it's autumn, here's something about protecting your email addresses from the harvesters.


Some people say the only way to be spam-free is to avoid displaying email addresses online altogether. While that does seem like a sure-fire solution in an ideal world, we have few website clients who can take that step. So how can we make it harder for spammers to harvest email addresses in WordPress?

We’ve used quite a few methods over the years. There are several plugins that do a good job. Currently we are trying a simpler approach.

What to do?

WordPress has a function called “antispambot” which changes the code of an email address so that while humans looking at the screen will see:

…the average automated harvesting tool will see:

and be suitably bewildered.

Easy to use

To enable this method in the cms we set up a “shortcode.” Once the shortcode is set up, to add an email address to your content you would just type the following into your cms editor:

To get in touch, email us at [email address=””]

It’s easy to use once you know how!

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