GDPR compliance


Are you super cosy with the new privacy laws, ready to start implementing your own GDPR safeguards?


Wave is on the journey with GDPR – to gain buy-in from our co-workers, suppliers, clients and prospects. We are reviewing our governance and getting arrangements in place for GDPR implementation next month.

This is the first post in a series on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. We start with a galloping overview of the key resources and a few industry snippets by experts we like to follow.

Key GDPR resources

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) works closely with trade associations. Their Overview of GDPR is clearly assembled for every type of business. Check in with your trade bodies – they may have partnerships to help with your transition.

Earlier this year Wired Sussex ran a GDPR business breakfast with expert speakers. A reassuring slideshow from the event is available online.

The Small Charities Commission are promoting a GDPR compliance badge of trust for the public. Once accredited, you can display the marque across your websites and publications, indicating that you are taking data protection seriously. It is still early doors for this scheme, so will be interesting to see how it develops.

The breadth of GDPR is wide – with implications for fundraisers and marketers:

MailChimp offers resources, toolkits and easily customised consent forms that are worth a deep dive.

Further information

Storytellers are the human face of your charity; they represent the difference you make.

As designer partners, we don’t want you to let individual supporters – or your charity, down. Wave is a member of CharityComms, the network for communications professionals working in UK charities. CharityComms recently ran an article ‘Case studies, photos and films can be personal data under GDPR too‘. The article explains that beneficiaries and supporters who share personal stories by donating photos, taking part in videos or photo shoots need to be completely GDPR compliant. Author Cath Drake offers great hints to stay organised with suggestions that make legal and ethical sense.

By June, when you have cleaned your lists and invigorated your focus, wave is close by to estimate, steer and coordinate new and outstanding visual collateral to reach your deserving, shiny lists of opted-in recipients. Whether you need refreshed newsletter templates or are getting ready to explore options for a new website to deliver campaign goals for 2018, there has never been a better time to delight each contact that survives the big cull.

If you are going all out to streamline your business processes, Economic Change empower non-profits to achieve change via management solutions that help organisations to improve efficiency, sustainability and socio-economic impact. Download their free Economic Change Guide ‘10 Steps to Managing GDPR with a CRM System

Nothing in this article (or any others you read) will constitute legal advice. Everything you choose to apply must operate within the customised framework of your organisation. A jargon-free Law Society tipsheet discusses the key steps.

If you have comments or questions please email us. Our next GDPR compliance post will cover further implications for the agency and our clients.