Our new website is live


Just a quick post to note that we have finally managed to get our new website live, after many years of getting sidetracked by other priorities.

At last, we have a responsive, mobile-friendly website with a content management system, SEO optimisation, lazy loading, search and all the other basic features a website must have in 2017. Video coming soon!

We’ve had to squeeze it in among other projects, so there is still plenty of honing and bug fixing to do, but the old one just had to go – it was ancient! It’s sad to see the old work disappear, but we are aiming to have an archive on our new site as soon as possible, especially as we will be 30 later in the year.

We hope to be adding more work examples and informative posts to the site over the next few weeks, so please come back sometime soon and take another look.

Find out more:

If you want to know more about how we approach web projects, please read our Web design and build process post.