Giving and Sharing with Sussex


A celebratory annual review for Sussex Community Foundation’s 10th anniversary of sharing grants with charities and groups across Sussex, on behalf of philanthropic donors.

Annual review cover design

Celebrating amazing achievements

Sussex Community Foundation wanted a celebratory theme that focused on the achievements of the year in bright, uncomplicated infographics.

The idea of a birthday cake soon emerged and, by showing it sliced and shared, it also illustrated the way the charity distributes the funds it manages. We gave the cake illustration an “infographic” style and the use of the brand stripes as filling completed the analogy.

Inside, a clean, fresh and colourful layout using a mix of infographics and pictogram illustrations in a compact size and format, gave the whole review a lively and celebratory feel.

Annual review 2016 page design
Annual review 2016 p6-7
detail of an infographic in an annual review
corner of an annual reveiw