Drone Wars


‘Drone wars - Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Control’. A briefing document highlighting the devastation caused by drone attacks.

Drone Wars report cover

The Drone Campaign Network, made up of 19 national organisations and local groups, approached us to design this briefing document, after seeing our work for one of their members, War on Want.


The briefing document communicates, clearly and comprehensively, the background and history of remote warfare and the issues and consequences of using drones. The audience for the briefing is the Network members, the general public, policy makers, supporters and NGOs.

Inner spread of Drone Wars report
A double page spread of Drone Wars report

Using the strong orange from the DCN palette, we developed a design that features bold stencilled typography with a distressed look and feel. The broken and damaged texture we added to the pages helps communicate the devastation caused by drone attacks.

We developed the icons that feature throughout the document to represent viewfinders and target marks, bringing to mind the use of lethal weaponry. The structure of the design emphasises the clear and concise points of the briefing report.

Image of Drone Wars report