Managing Sexual Violence Guide


EISF is an independent non-profit network of humanitarian agencies committed to improving the safety and security of aid workers, programmes and organisation.


Sexual Violence is one of the many risks faced by aid workers in the field. It is a violation of human rights and is deeply distressing to the survivor, their colleagues and the aid community. This latest guide is aimed at those who are responsible for aid workers’ safety and security to help prevent, prepare and respond to incidents of sexual violence within their organisation.


We have helped produce many reports, briefing papers and guides for EISF, and this latest guide is produced as an easy to use ring-bound manual as well as an interactive online pdf. It also features tools to help envisage scenarios and responses with editable versions available to download.


EISF has collaborated with wave for many years now. Their professionalism, flexibility and constant willingness to brainstorm ideas and provide support to ensure our publications appear professional and visually dynamic, makes them an invaluable resource for EISF. It’s a great pleasure working with wave and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to work with a team that puts the needs of clients at the forefront of all their activities.

Adelicia Fairbanks ,  European Interagency Security Forum