Facing the Future


Hastings Voluntary Action (HVA) aims to enhance the quality of life of people in the Hastings area by promoting voluntary action by individuals and organised groups, and supports the development of local initiatives to meet community needs.


Supporting people

In response to the pandemic and lockdowns, the Hastings COVID-19 Community Hub (now Hastings Community Hub, HCH) was formed to bring together organisations from the voluntary and public sectors to share experiences, combine efforts and develop new ways of supporting local people.

With funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund, HVA and HCH commissioned us to design a report showing how the experiences and lessons can be used to address future trends in local need. We appointed a copywriter to ensure the lessons learned and conclusions were clearly communicated. We also commissioned a local photographer to capture some of the featured organisations and locations to give the report a genuinely local identity.


A working report

The design ensures that each key trend is clearly signposted, and the statistics and case studies supporting each section were accessible. The typography, together with the commissioned photography and considered content have helped the report become a catalyst for discussion, collaboration, and policy-making.


Original photography © Darren Cool