Bold and playful fundraising materials


Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice care with more than 200 member organisations.


Standing out from the crowd

Having recently gone through a rebranding process, Hospice UK approached us to develop a distinctive look and feel for their fundraising material to encourage greater participation and better take up and results.

Bold, playful, bright

We saw great potential in the new Hospice UK brand and in conversation with the fundraising team, we identified some key elements to develop further for the fundraising update. We developed a bold, playful and positive design, to reflect the fun and energy of fundraising.

Our recommendations included the lively use of vibrant colours from their brand palette, especially the bright yellow. We also used the flower silhouette liberally and the key images were either cut-outs or in silhouette.

The fundraising material included booklets, posters, novelty items and resources to support and encourage activities. We worked to a tight schedule on several fundraising packs in order to fully establish the updated identity.

Fundraising booklet spread
Fundraising stickers