International Security Guides and Papers


The European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) encourages a more prominent role for security management in international humanitarian operations. It provides a space for NGOs collectively to improve security management practice and facilitates exchange between members and other bodies such as the UN, research institutions and training providers.


We began working with the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) in 2009, developing templates for their reports and briefing papers. Using their flexible logo and colour palette, we devised an attractive, organised look and feel for their information-packed papers, with clear signposting, diagrams and tables.

We continue to typeset the papers, including some foreign language versions and also manage the print.

cover of a guide
cover of a guide
Cover of an EISF guide in French

EISF Guides

Our relationship with EISF continued when we were also asked to devise a new series of guides. The guides were destined to be used in the field, in often stressful and dangerous situations and needed to be accessible and to withstand heavy use in difficult conditions but be cost effective and easy to produce.

We advised on a suitable size, durable material and binding for the printed versions, and developed a design that is engagingĀ and presents the content clearly, using an A5 plus size to allow more space for clear navigation, side tabs and a narrow column for notes and alerts. The guide tools have been adapted to universal templates to be downloaded from the EISF website and we have also produced a variety of translated versions.