New website for Human Givens


A new website, combining Human Givens’ College, Publications and Foundation under one roof.

Human Givens website views

Human Givens had content spread over several separate websites. They wanted to replace this with a well structured, seamless, user-friendly online experience while keeping a clear distinction between the different aspects of what they do.


Human givens wanted an engaging and flexible page design. They wanted to be able to build rich page layouts from a set of modular elements, and to be able to do this themselves using the CMS.


Human Givens is a WordPress site with a bespoke theme and a highly customised WooCommerce shop. For online courses, the site integrates with the Thinkific software platform.


The shop sells a wide variety of products, including attended and online courses as well as printed publications.


On this project we worked in partnership with BUILT BY PXL, who took the back-end development lead while we focussed on the front-end design and functionality.


A heartfelt thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into our new website over the last year… you have all always been a pleasure to work with and your professionalism shone through at all times. We’re getting great feedback from those who have used the site so far.

Jane Tyrell, Communications Director ,  Human Givens


Before and after sales stats

July 2018 compared to July 2019 =
Revenue +63%

August 2018 compared to August 2019 =
Revenue +32%

September 2018 compared to September 2019 =
Revenue +38%

Gemma Chapman, Marketing Manager ,  Human Givens