Righting corporate wrongs?


War on Want has global partnerships with grassroots social movements, trade unions and workers’ organisations to empower and capacity build people to fight for their own rights.

Righting Corporate Wrongs: cover and spread

The organisation runs targeted campaigns and works to raise public awareness of poverty, inequality and injustice – empowering people to take action for change.

‘Extractivism’ is a highly destructive model of economic development by industries such as mining and oil extraction. Its often relies on the exploitation and displacement of local communities, mainly in the global South. The costs are born by populations inhabiting the areas in which the resources are being exploited and extracted whilst the bulk of profits go to foreign investors, mostly corporations in the global North.


Funded by the University of Sussex ESRC Impact Fund, and co-ordinated by War on Want, this book examines how the law can be used strategically in the struggle for social and environmental justice.

This is the first publication we have designed and produced for War on Want as an A5 book, retaining the recognisably hard-hitting and striking use of typography and graphic elements of the previous War on Want reports and newsletters.

The contents are clearly presented using single column blocks of text, enhanced with War on Want’s pared-down colour palette, as well as the recognisable hessian texture to ensure key text panels stand out and to deliver signposting throughout the text.