Care Plan – for WordPress websites

Last modified August 2020

Wave’s ongoing support and maintenance plan ensures that there is help and advice on hand if you need it. We also carry out essential maintenance and support tasks, making your life easier and giving you peace of mind.

  • If you have any problems or questions, get in touch and we will do our best to help you out.
  • Your site will be backed-up regularly. Should anything happen, your website can be restored to its former glory with minimum fuss.
  • Your WordPress installation and plugins will be kept up to date, minimising any security risks to your site and allowing you to take advantage of the latest features.
  • We also run general housekeeping checks, to free you from tasks like checking for broken links and deleting your spam comments.
  • We can set up a development site that mirrors your live site to test out new features and software updates. We can give you access to a development site too, providing a safe training environment and letting you experiment with your site’s advanced settings

What we do


  • Troubleshooting via phone and email (office hours)
  • Check design for consistency


  • Daily database back-ups
  • Daily WordPress upgrades and plugin updates
  • Weekly site files back-ups
  • We send you a monthly report from our site management software (Orion)
  • A development site for testing and training
  • Site checked for broken links
  • Spam comments removed

What it costs

Regular maintenance £960.00/annum (£80.00/month)


System requirements for back-ups

You need to have enough free space on your hosting server to perform a full site back-up. For example, if your site uses 200MB, then you will need an additional 200MB of free space to enable the creation of a back-up copy (this is stored temporarily on your server during the back-up process). Check with your hosting provider if you unsure how much disk space you are using or what your limit is.




  • Phone and email support is limited to 6 hours/annum, then charged thereafter at the studio rate of £80/hour.
  • Phone and email support is available during office hours. Please see our SLA for more details.
  • Support hours are for troubleshooting existing problems and providing additional training where needed. Additional feature requests will be billed as new jobs.
  • Unused support hours are non-transferrable.

Website administration

  • If the client has Administrator level access to the WordPress install, the client agrees not to undertake any software updates of the WordPress installation or plugins themselves.
  • If the client has Administrator level access to the WordPress install they must obtain consent from wave if they wish to add new plugins.
  • Wave are not obliged to update plugins added by the client or other third parties during the course of this agreement.
  • Wave reserve the right to disable plugins added by the client or other third parties during the course of this agreement, if they cause incompatibility issues with your WordPress install or plugins.

Maintenance and software updates

  • This agreement allows 6 hours/annum to perform the website maintenance tasks stated above. Additional maintenance may be required and is charged thereafter at the studio rate of £80/hour.
  • Wave will test software updates on your development site before performing updates on your live site.
  • Software updates to the WordPress install and plugins may occasionally cause incompatibility issues. These can include (but are not limited to) unexpected site behaviour, bugs and functionality failure.
  • Incompatibility issues will be evaluated on a case by case basis and a suitable resolution will be agreed with the client.
  • If additional maintenance work is required to resolve issues arising from software updates, it will be charged at the studio rate of £80/hour.
  • Wave will endeavour to check your site as thoroughly as possible for incompatibility issues after running updates, however it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to check the website is functioning correctly in general and after software updates.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to inform wave if they think the website is not functioning correctly. Please see our SLA for more details.
  • Wave are not obliged to work over and above the maintenance hours stated in this agreement.
  • Unused maintenance hours are non-transferrable.

The agreement

Agreements will not be automatically renewed. Wave will contact you before this agreement is due to expire to find out if you wish to renew.

Wave reserve the right to amend or update agreements. It is our responsibility to inform you if we make a change to an agreement.